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SWSF-720 Reciprocating Type or D-cam Motion packaging machinery

What is horizontal flow wrapping packaging machinery?

The flow wrapping machinery packages product by wrapping it in film. The flow wrapping machinery has an infeed conveyor, a film feed assembly, a forming area, a cutting head, and a discharge area. Product is placed on the infeed conveyor. As the infeed conveyor delivers product to the forming area, film is drawn from the film feed assembly into the forming area, where a film tube is formed around the product and a finseal is created. The film tube and the product then are delivered to the cutting head. The cutting head creates the endseals while it cuts apart adjoining wrapped products into individual packages, and delivers the packages to the discharge area. At this time the whole packing process is done.


Application of Horizontal Flow Wrapping Packaging Machine

Reciprocating Type (Box Motion) Packaging Machine is Specially designed for large product and heavy duty film packaging, this packaging machine has a height of 120 mm, a width of 250 mm, and a packaging film width of 720 mm, The box motion makes the dwell time of film sealing longer so that the seal is much tighter and firmer than normal rotary sealing.

Suitable for packing washing foam, Popsicle, instant noodles, ice cream bar, moon cakes, biscuits, bread, meat food, frozen food, toilet soap, medicine tablets, plastic transfusion, incense coil, industrial products, plastic forks and knives etc.

Constituent Parts of Horizontal Flow Wrapping Packaging Machine

The packing machine packages product by wrapping it in film. The packing machine has an in-feed conveyor, a film feed assembly, a forming area, a cutting head, and a discharge area.

Packing Samples of Horizontal Flow Wrapping Packaging Machinery

Parameters of Horizontal Flow Wrapping Packaging Machinery

Max film width


Packing Sizes

L:50~600mm, W:20~200mm H:5~120mm

Packing Speed


Packing material

Poly film, Aluminum foil poly film

Power Consumption

4.65KW Single Phase 220V

Machine sizes


Machine weight

About 1000kg

Features of Horizontal Flow Wrapping Packaging Machinery

1. Dual frequency conversion control, bag length can be set and cut in one step, saving time and film.
2. Human-machine interface, easy parameter setting.
3. Self failures diagnosis, clear failure displaying.
4. High sensitivity photocell, digital input of cutting and sealing position for extra accuracy, Precise heat controls with digital setting and out-of-range alarms assure consistent seal quality.
5. Separate temperature control, suitable for packing different materials.
6. Reciprocating sealing(D-Cam motion profile will increase the maximum film sealing range by 15-20%) makes the seal firmer, without wearing the cutters.
7. Sealing with gusseting device makes the bag better looking, improving the product level.
8. Positioning stopping function, not adhesive to cutters and no waste of packing films.
9. Simple driving system, more reliable and more convenient maintenance.
10. All controlled by software, convenient for adjusting and technical upgrading.

Auxiliary Equipment for Horizontal Flow Wrapping Packaging Machinery

1.Date code printer

2.Automatic feeder


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