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SWL-590 SWD-2000 Heat Shrink Automatic Packaging Machine(Vetical end sealer)

Packing Process:Product is placed on the in-feed conveyor. As the in-feed conveyor delivers product to the forming area, film is drawn from the film feed assembly into the forming area, where a film tube is formed around the product and a fin-seal is created. The film tube and the product then are delivered to the cutting head. The cutting head creates the end-seals while it cuts apart adjoining wrapped products into individual packages, and delivers the packages to the shrink tunnel. In the shrink tunnel, the film will be shrinked tightly around the product,At this time the whole shrink packing process is done.

Application Of Shrink Automatic Packaging Machine

Bottled milk, bottled alcohol, canned Aerosol, canned soup, industrial products, plastic barrel etc shrink packaging.

The machine can connect with the production line directly if needed, the bottles or cans stay stand during packing and no need to first lay down the bottles or cans, the shrink packing appearance will be more beautiful

Why Do Your Products Needs Be Shrink Packed?

1, Beautiful appearance, Film is very close to the goods, suitable for a variety of different shapes of goods packaging;

2, Good protection, it can have better protection for the inner packed product;

3, Good cleaning, especially suitable for precision instruments, high-precision electronic components packaging;

4. Reduce packaging costs.after replacing the carton with heat shrinkage, the cost can be reduced by at least 30%

5, Anti-theft. A variety of food can be wrapped together with a large shrink film to avoid loss;

6,The stability is good, the goods will not fall in the packaging film;

7, Transparency is good, customers can directly see the product content.Give the product a good opportunity to display itself.

 Packing Samples Of Shrink Automatic Packaging Machine

Parameters Of Shrink Automatic Packaging Machine

Max film width


Packing Sizes

L:50~600mm, W:20~110mm H:5~180mm

Packing Speed


Packing material

POF or other heat shrinkable film 

Power Consumption

5KW Single Phase 220V

Machine sizes


Machine weight

About 1000kg

Auxiliary equipment of Shrink Automatic Packaging Machine

Date code printer

Automatic bottle arranging machine

Automatic feeder

Automatic grouping equipment

Features Of Shrink Automatic Packaging Machine

◆ Adopting double servo motor, PLC and touch-screen that greatly improved the control accuracy, range of speed regulation, operational reliability and intelligent level of machine.

◆ Having automatic monitoring function. Any fault reason during operation will be self diagnosed, and showing the solution.

◆ Packing parameter with many products could be set, Drawing out the relevant data from memory and the machine will be operate according to these data.

◆The bottles or cans stay stand during packing and no need to lay down first, the shrink packing appearance will be more beautiful.

Widely used in Milk and Drinks company

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