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Huge market for the packaging machinery

Jun 26 , 2019

With the continuous development of society, demanding for the external packaging of goods is getting higher and higher. With the stimulation of market economy, the packaging industry is developing rapidly. Although the proportion of the output value of the packaging machinery is not as large as the packaging material in the whole packaging industry which it is not a regular consumable, but it is an indispensable support for the modernization of the packaging industry. It provides advanced technology and equipment for packaging industry to ensure high quality, high efficiency, variety, low cost and high environmental protection of packaging products and obtains a strong vitality.

It is predicted that the market demand of packaging machinery in the world today will maintain an annual growth rate of 5.2%. According to present situation, many packaging equipment in the world have entered the period of renewal and replacement. It has put forward a larger market demand for the packaging machinery of high quality, high efficiency, variety, low cost and high environmental protection. Therefore, the packaging industry in order to achieve rapid development and succeed the transformation of the packaging power, and then improving the quality of packaging machinery has become the most priority for the development of the packaging industry.


China's packaging industry is developing new packaging machinery, leading to the development of packaging machinery toward integration, efficiency and intelligence. At present, the automation technology has accounted for more than 50% of the packaging production lines. A large portion of computer design and electromechanical integration control have been used to improve the productivity, the flexibility of the equipment and the flexibility, also have been added to the complex packaging action by manipulator. Currently, the domestic enterprises have made great progress in filling equipment, packaging equipment, packaging materials production equipment, etc. However, there are about 1300 varieties of packaging machinery in China, lack of high-tech and high precision, lack of high quality supporting products, low product performance, poor stability and reliability, and still need the aid of high-end technical assistance to upgrade the mechanical products.


The transition of the price competition to technology competition

The packaging machinery has transited from price competition to technology competition. Now the packaging market needs to improve the production efficiency of mechanical equipment. The intermittent production equipment is replaced by the continuous production equipment, the universal production equipment is replaced by the specialized production equipment, and the small and medium production equipment is replaced by the humanized production equipment. The production efficiency and economic efficiency can be significantly increased by the continuous production, specialized operation, automatic adjustment and scale operation of the production line.


In general, the development of packaging machinery in China has expanded not only on the scale of equipment, but also on the integration of optics, mechatronics and automation. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the future microelectronics, computers, industrial robots, image sensing technology and new materials will be more and more widely used in packaging machinery. Enterprises need to introduce new technologies to produce high production efficiency, high automation, good reliability, flexibility and high technical content to march on the packaging equipment market.

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