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The working principle and fault analysis of SANWEIHE automatic FLOW PACK packaging machine

May 20 , 2019

This machine is a horizontal pillow-shaped packaging machine, which can automatically complete the automatic bag making, wrapping, sealing and cutting of the tubular film. Suitable for solid shaped single or several articles continuous package . For different product packaging requirements, the vertical seal can achieve a bottom seal or a side seal. This machine is suitable for the packaging of instant noodles, bread, biscuit, bowl noodles, bottled acid beverages, etc. It is also suitable for the packaging of medicines, cosmetics, soap, daily necessities and industrial parts. The scope of application of this machine can be quickly changed by adjusting.

Second, working principle and structural characteristics

Rolled film for packing goes from a film-feeding driving roller into a bag-former device wherein to take form. The article to be packed is carried by a feeding conveyor to the formed packing film, which will then take a cylindrical shape after being sealed by a longitudinal sealing machine. A tubing conveyor between the longitudinal seal and end seal feeds the cylindrical film with the article enveloped in it smoothly into the end sealing & cutting device where a photoelectric tracking auto-control system adjusts the sealing & cutting position and the gas in the bag is exhausted by an discharge brush.  The packing process is completed after sealing & cutting.

Fourth, the fault: the horizontal seal cutter can not cut the film

Cause: The upper and lower knife gaps are not adjusted well.

Solution: By using the bolts on the outside of the high-speed cutter, the gap between the two blades is preferably 1/100mm. When adjusting, keep the upper and lower blades parallel, and adjust the film by cutting the film by hand.

V. Fault: poor sealing of the horizontal sealer

Cause: The temperature control table is not well set, and the pressure of the compression spring is insufficient or uneven.

Solution: According to the thickness and type of materials used, select the appropriate temperature for heat sealing. If the sealing temperature is too high, the sealing will be white and the sealing part will be easy to tear. The horizontal sealing pressure is adjusted by the compression spring. To achieve a good sealing, it is necessary to have proper temperature and pressure, and adjust the two spring adjusting handles on the upper part of the horizontal sealing to make the sealing force of the sealing device evenly.

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