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Brief introduction of Qingdao Sanweihe automatic packaging machine

Jun 10 , 2019

Brief introduction of Qingdao Sanweihe automatic packaging machine

Today, packaging machines on the market are very detailed in terms of product type, use, model, and packaging range. This is also a better service enterprise customer in the packaging machinery industry, with the most professional and suitable equipment applied to customers in different industries. The packaging machine manufacturer has nearly 1,500 units from more than one hundred before 2001. In just 10 years, the rate of increase has reached ten times. And it has become one of the top ten automation machinery and equipment in China. This is also the achievement of the packaging industry to create together, Qingdao Sanweihe packaging machinery is very proud to become one of them.


Established: 1998

Business scope: packaging machine, automatic packaging machine, conveying and automation machinery, all kinds of general packing machinery and related equipment parts sales

Enterprise advantage: We have independent technical department and professional technical engineer, advanced imported equipment and high-tech talents.

Technical patent: packaging machine longitudinal sealing lifting device and film folding device for biscuit packaging machine

Development history: 1999 to present!

Business philosophy: market requirements - the purpose of our efforts

High-tech - the cornerstone of our development

Quality service - our responsibility

Customer satisfaction - our ultimate goal

Business scope: production and sales of fully automatic packaging machinery and corresponding spare parts.

Business scope: widely used in pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, pesticide, lubricant and other industries, some products are exported to Europe, USA, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions.

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