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Choose Mosquito Repellent Mat Packing Machine Manufacture

Jul 20 , 2021

Electric Mosquito Mat Automatic Dozing and Packaging Machine

The electric mosquito-repellent mat is paper-like. It absorbs the liquid medicine that drives the mosquitoes. When it is used, it is electrically heated, so that the mosquito repellent liquid in the mosquito-repellent mat gradually evaporates to achieve the purpose of mosquito repellent.

 If the selected mosquito-repellent mat is not good, the smell is too strong for people with allergies. Liquid mosquito repellers are prone to leakage. If the quality of electric mosquito-repellent mat and electric mosquito-repellent syrup is not enough, it is very easy to endanger human health. Consumers must look at the instructions when purchasing electric mosquito mats, choose low-toxic and non-irritating products, and choose a more reliable brand. Some experts remind consumers that families with elderly people, pregnant women and children should not use electric mosquito mats when choosing anti-mosquito products.

The mosquito repellent principle of electric mosquito mats is to inhale the pyrethrums and the like into the mosquito-repellent incense pieces, and then evaporate after heating. Pyrethrum is a special family of Compositae, which is called pyrethrum because its flower is rich in an insecticidal active substance called pyrethrin or pyrethrin, which has significant insecticidal action.

In fact, electric mosquito mats and traditional mosquito coils use the same principle of mosquito repellent. They are the same raw materials. The active ingredients of coil, liquid and electric mosquito mats are chemical agents with insecticidal ingredients. The only difference is that their carriers are different. .

Qingdao Sanweihe electric heat mosquito-repellent mats/tablets automatic packaging machine is based on the same type of Japanese machine, combined with many years of production practice experience, our company's professional and technical personnel after many improvements, stereotyped production and put on the market. The machine has high production capacity and quality level

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