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Brief introduction of the process of pillow-shape automatic packaging machinery

Jul 14 , 2021

Pillow packaging machine, also known as flow wrapping machine and film laminating machine, is a horizontal three-side sealing device that automatically completes the packaging process such as bag forming, filling, sealing, cutting, and finished product discharge. In practical application, corresponding derivation The combination of models and auxiliary models can realize the flow packaging of automated production lines in food, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The adapted packaging materials are general block-shaped, cylindrical regular articles, and irregular shaped articles such as biscuits, cakes, cosmetics, paper towels, and the like. The packaged products are in the form of single-piece packaging, collective packaging, tray-packing, and trayless packaging.


The movement curve of the traditional pillow-type packaging machine is realized by mechanical cam. The machining and installation are complicated, the running noise is high, and the efficiency is low. If the servo system is used to realize the function of the electronic cam, for the machine Installation and operation efficiency will be improved.


The film feeding and products feeding of the pillow packaging machine are carried out synchronously. The position of the film feeding and product feeding is detected by the color mark detection and the proximity switch respectively, and the film is formed into a tube through the bag-former, and is longitudinally formed. Heat sealing, at the same time, the material is sent into the cylinder film, and the transverse sealing section is forwarded together, and the tubular film is transversely sealed by a rotary or reciprocating transverse sealing cutter to output the packaged product.

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