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Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging

Jul 17 , 2021

The target of Circular Economy is to minimize emissions and make best use of resources. Nature has perfected this, but the industry just got started. But, efficient and recyclable packaging, how does that work?


Knowing, that the planet’s resources will not last forever is the key idea of Circular Economy. It is the opposite of today’s throwaway society. Therefore, it is not surprising that flexible packaging is considered a problem in terms of Circular Economy – because this is optimized to save the product and be efficient in terms of material usage. This is a challenge for today’s recycling infrastructure.


Saving resources with monomaterial

Within the industry association CEFLEX, strategies and solutions are discussed to make flexible packaging more sustainable and recycleable. The trend is towards monomaterial, as those are easier to recycle compared to mulit-layer composites and can be reused in many applications.

Being one of few machine manufacturers, Qingdao sanwiehe Packaging Technology brings in the perspective of packaging technology at CEFLEX meetings. Applying monomaterial in packaging is challenging and raises questions such as: Does the new material run as fast as conventional film? Will the machine’s flexibility be limited due to the recyclable material? Which developments are necessary, in regards to machine and material?

Exchange in Ceflex

Along the entire value chain, tests and development must go hand in hand. A close exchange between material supplier, food producer and packaging machine manufacturer is necessary to identify problems as early as possible.


The CEFLEX Community offers a great platform with all major contacts. However time is running, as making all packaging recyclable by 2025 also includes mass production and machines that are packaging at high speed.

To make the transition to Circular Economy as smooth as possible, we support our customers with serves such as material- and laboratory tests, development of sustainable solutions and implementation of packaging machines.

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